About Me

Hi! I’m The Redneck Mom, better known by my friends as Jessica! I am a busy mom to a two year old little girl named Charlie! She’s my whole world plus some, and the main reason for this blog.

I work for Corporate America, at a job I genuinely like and have been at for 9 years, as an account manager. That means Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, I put what little filter I have left on my redneck brain and act like a civilized adult.

That is usually the hardest 9 hours of my day and doesn’t always go as planned. After, I get to be mom of the year and rock out some more as an adult before I finally, get quiet time when the youngin goes to bed and my creative personality comes out!

This sometimes gets to happen when we hang out as a family at the shop too. My boyfriend is a mechanic and I get in touch with my inner pinner, Facebook addicted, writer personality to create magic on the keyboard while our daughter watches Paw Patrol Toys Golf Caper, Hawaii Pug-Oh / A.R.F. and Team Umizoomi on the Fire Stick.

I think my writer personality gets underestimated because I don’t tend to point out the full extent of what I can do, i just do it and hope someone notices.  I am persistent and creative and if I want something (like an interview with Upchurch, or my very own blog) I will get it eventually.

4-5 years ago I reached out to this cool chick I heard about through the mud world on messenger. She went from knowin nothin about mud or trucks, to talking to some of the coolest drivers out there, just by bein persistent and workin for what she wanted.

Now in her case, I’m not so sure she really wanted to be in the mud game, but more just be successful and she was! This chick I’m referring to is now someone I consider a good friend, and my mentor.

She encouraged me and gave me a chance to show I was worth a damn and could do this. She is also the reason I write for 2 other websites that I LOVE and have a passion for. Music and Mud, what more could a Redneck Mom really ask for?

Thank you to my professional idol for being an inspiration and never making me feel like a failure! You will know who you are without me needing to even say!

Let’s be real, being a mom is tough. When you are also a full time member of the working world, a girlfriend, friend, daughter, writer, cook, maid and everything else wrapped into one it’s even tougher. This is just my attempt at surviving this #MomLife one day at a time.

Feel free to email me any ideas, submissions or requests on the Contact Me Page!


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