Connect The Dots

Connect the Dots is my own little way of identifying things about Bullet Journaling, or “BuJo” as some snazzier moms may call it, on Pinterest and when categorizing things. Whatever, I just know it helps me, a lot, and I’ve only just begun. I started about 2 months ago and even though I am still new to the whole thing, I have some opinions on what does and doesn’t work.

I have read what seems like a million Pinterest posts about bullet journaling “must have” pages, endless lists of different lists you can make and keep in your bullet journal, and hundreds of pages about the “must have” supplies to bullet journal. Come on people! It is a journal/planner and while making it pretty is awesome, it needs to serve the purpose before getting all extra on us.

When I was reading these, before I started actually writing in my own journal, all I could think was “Oh my stars, these women clearly have more time on their hands to organize life than I do.” Then, despite my hesitations, I went to Walmart and got my first notebook and some regular ole sharpie pens (I will feature these in another post) and started my own Bullet Journal Adventure!

Now, I started mine a little before New Year so I could get the kinks worked out and be fully dedicated come January 1st, which actually is tomorrow! I will show you some of my favorite pages in my own bullet journal, different things I am trying and I’m sure fall on my face and suck with a few along the way.