We all have those moments. The ones where we just shake our heads and go, “Yep, This is my life.”

Kinda like this very moment, it is 11:15 pm and my 2 year old has decided she wants to rock out with Mommy. Ya know what? I’m ok with that. She is 2 for goodness sake! These are the moments I am talking about. The ones where all you can think is #MomLife!

Then there are those #MomLife moments that consist of the sh*t no one warns you about. I’m talking about the sh*t that if someone told you before hand, it may make you reconsider havin kids. Now, its not always that no one tells you either. It may just be that you were already knee deep before anyone warned you to put on your waders and there is no goin back at that point. You basically just hunker down and prepare to ride out the sh*t storm that is about to be your life.

We all do our best and some, like me, mess it up regularly to keep things interesting. This is my journey, no one else, so let me f**k it up as I please.

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She hit me with a “What?”