She hit me with a “What?”

I was at a loss for words a few nights ago when it happened. The moment I have been dreading for a while. My daughter hit me with a “What?” My daughter is 2! Why is she already what-ing me? Isn’t this supposed to wait until teen years or something? Why now?

So many questions for  a simple little word. My head is still spinning days later, and I have thought about it every day. I’m sure she never thought about it again after that, which may be even more frustrating.

She was so innocent with it too. There was no real attitude or anything behind it either, which knowing my daughter is surprising. Just watching TV, hanging out at the shop. When I looked at her as I walked in, BAM!

Charlie says stuff I rarely expect, which usually has me rollin laughing all the time. Her tiny voice mixed with such grown up sentences and some adult influence certainly leads to comedy gold. Most times I’m glad there are only a few people around.

Thank goodness on this glorious occasion there was only 1 other person present to witness the hilarity. My friend Krystal, not missing a beat in the moment, looked at Charlie and asked her how old she was. To which my child, looking and sounding slightly annoyed, answered 2 and proceeded watching TV. She throws a fit when I give her brown milk instead of pink milk, or if I put her juice in the wrong cup, but this is somehow supposed to be acceptable?

I feel like I have many more of these moments ahead of me, and frankly, I’M NOT READY! How is something like this so traumatic for me, yet I know she doesn’t even care? #MomLife is not what I was expecting!

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