#TeamNoNap – Mommy Messed It Up

Man, do I love #TeamNoNap and the stories it brings. At 10pm this evening my child is now talkin randomly to me holding a conversation. She was asleep; then, well life happened and good ole Murphy showed his face right on time. Just as I was settlin down at the computer to finish a few things and start a new post or two, here comes Charlie! Wide opened, hoppin around and bein all crazy.

Rewind to earlier today, my mom tells me that Charlie didn’t get up until late and a nap wasn’t likely. I am 100% fine with this because I know what she means.  I too have tried to force a nap before. It never ends well and usually means she will just go to bed a little earlier, but lately this hasn’t been happenin. You would think maybe, just maybe, I would have learned this after a time or two of it happening within the last few weeks.

She has been good for the most part about her schedule, but during the last month or so I have really screwed her up. I was off the entire week of Thanksgiving and took off for Christmas and New Year as well. That makes for over 2.5 weeks of Mommy being home out of the last 5 weeks of the year. I SUCK at schedules and I’m late for everything so I did a number on my 2 year old’s routine to cap off the year.

This disruption in her sleep has resulted in some pretty funny moments, one of which being just this evening. We had plans to take a driver after we ate dinner, but Charlie had other plans. Kinda like how she is supposed to be sleeping right now. Her plans included sleeping and eating, apparently all at once. Lets mention here that it is only about 6:30 pm when she is now starting to doze off with food on her fork in her mouth. Yes, I was watchin her to make sure nothing happened!

The logical, yet rotten, mom inside me wanted to try to keep her awake just a little longer, even if just another 30 minutes. Then, I could at least try to convince myself that she would sleep through the night. But no, I took the nice, “awe she’s so cute”, route and let her slip peacefully into sleep. BAD IDEA. Here I am now, she is watching cartoons with her daddy in the bed at almost 11pm. Mom of the Year 2018 in the running already! I never claimed to be awesome at this parenting thing, I’m just trying to survive!

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