Uneducated People and Dogs

This moment in “Why Me?” history is not really a high note but definitely made me question things, like peoples intelligence. Let’s face it, there are some people too stupid for existence. The ones that make you question how they breathe unassisted. They are the same ones that natural selection should have taken out a long time ago. Well, I unfortunately encountered one of these people in a way that f’d up my entire day over unsolicited comments.

I’m sure everyone has had someone preach to them about how mean and awful some dog breeds are. The people usually passing this propaganda are the same people that probably have a hard time breathing unassisted. They are the ones that are so uneducated about the BS they are spewing that they make you feel stupider for listening at all.

While discussing dogs, specifically pit bulls in a semi-public area, I was quite enjoying the conversation as I have a pit bull myself. A friend and I were discussing how big they get, and that I know some people currently breeding XXL pit bulls with the breed of dog I also recently added to my family, a catahoula, to make a hog dog on steroids basically. While talking about the purpose these dogs serve and general dog ownership, here comes said uneducated Nimrod chiming in.

Nimrod proceeds to tell me how mean and unpredictable pit bulls are, which instantly sets me off. I remind myself that I am in public, in a place that it is frowned upon to use some adult words at this moment. I would love to tell this idiot to shove their dumba** bulls**t f**king ideas up their uneducated ignorant f**king a** (yes I’m that mom that still has a potty mouth. I try my best but suck).

Since I shouldn’t cuss my next reaction is to question their intelligence, but I refrain and move to the third time is a charm, logical question… Why do you think this way? Let’s get Nimrods back story and see if it is valid reason to interrupt my conversation with their stupid opinion.

Nimrod responds that anyone who has been “attacked” by a pit bull will feel this way. Hmmm….. What about the  Poodles or Chihuahuas that bite people? Are they mean an unpredictable? Queue stupid answer… “No they must have a reason, startled, something” ok well does that mean that how you raise a dog has nothing to do with it?

By this point I was overwhelmed with the stupidity and felt like it was rubbin’ off on me. The stench of idiocy suffocating me now. I walked away loudly proclaiming that people like Nimrod are what is wrong with society today. Butt hurt, uneducated people are ruining the world!!!!!

Now on to the point of this article. Not to simply vent to the world about the Nimrods out there, but to voice support for a breed of dog that I love.  It is in the raising and how you raise any dog. Some little dogs I have met are way more terrifying that my big ole’ lug of a pit bull that runs from his own shadow. My pit bull loves my daughter more than I understand sometimes. He follows her when she is around and wants to do nothing but keep an eye on her and protect her.

Flashback to old times, when people weren’t so dumb or easily offended. Pit bulls used to be nanny dogs because of how fiercely they protect their family. It is all how you raise them. You raise a dog in a family and you will have a polite, social family dog. You raise a dog in fear and with abuse, and you will raise a mean, unpredictable dog. It doesn’t matter the breed when it comes to basics like this.

Of course there will always be exceptions, but isn’t this very similar to humans? You raise a child in a loving family and most times they will be loving adults or at least responsible members of society. You raise a child in an abusive violent home, they will most likely follow the path laid for them and be abusive and violent themselves in adulthood. Now we still get murderers and horrible people that we hear were raised with the best upbringing but somehow snapped. We blame mental illness in humans, whats not to say we cannot relate the same thing to dogs?

Anyway, that’s just my recent rant. It’s very rare that someone can get me that upset so easily, but giving my dogs breed a bad name is a quick way to hit the b**ch switch.

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