Why Me?

Ya ever had one of those days? You know the one I’m talking about. The day that started out like it was gonna be freakin awesome, and then it happened. The “Why Me.” Could be a super awkward moment, a hilarious misstep, or funny friend; whatever it is, you question your life choices for a split second.

This is usually not a bad thing, more of a realization that your life is not what you thought it would be when you were in your late teens to early twenties.

I’m kinda new to this whole “adulting” thing. I mean, lets be real, I only grew up because I was making a tiny human and kinda had to. 2 years later I still like to have have a beer and a little fun, I still work a full time job like I have since I was 19 and I still love my life, maybe even a little more now that I have a daughter. I just tend to have a few more “Why me” moments since assuming my role as a real adult.

Just tonight, I had to jockey around admitting that even though I love the outdoors, I am kinda afraid of the critters in the backyard at night. Through hysterical laughter, I ducked the question, just saying nope and half a** sentences that made no sense at all. Either way, I didn’t have to actually admit that I get a little skittish when I have to go the the shed by myself at night to shut the light off.

Regardless the situation, they happen, and usually end on a high note. Share in my “Why me” moments and share yours too. If you have a great story to tell let us know on the Contact Me Page!